2019 Blog Goals Check-in

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There’s nothing like posting publicly about what you intend to write to keep you accountable. So as we hit the half-way mark of 2019, I thought it would be good to do a blog goals check in on my posting goals. Let’s see how I’ve done on working through my blog goals for 2019 and what you can expect for the second half of the year!

Blog Goals for 2019 to work on:

1. Our changing diet- How I went from vegetarian to meat eater to MSPI (milk and soy protein intolerance) to Paleo to GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) diet. There have been a lot of changes, but we are finding our groove.

I haven’t talked at all about this yet. It’s on my mind and hopefully I will get to it sooner than later because this is something we are passionate about as a family!

As a matter of fact, if you look at our posts like our weekends in Harriman State Park, or New Paltz, you will get recommendations for the type of restaurants that most suit us: those that serve organic, local, whole foods that are healthy for everyone!

what to expect in 2019 on atinytrip

2. Wellness practices our family has adopted. And how we adapt them when traveling!

So far I’ve written about essential oils, but that’s about it! Coming shortly I hope…let’s talk about Magnesium and why you should incorporate it into your wellness routine.

3. Parenting- thoughtful parenting practices we live by, routines that work for us, books we read, activities we did (and recommend), and how we already have kids that love to travel!

In the parenting world, I gave some suggestions for three unique games to play with your two to three year old to encourage communication and fine motor skills.

I also wrote about the top ways to bring city kids closer to nature, something that is very important to us since moving to New York.

I also posted about our Morning Routine, looking at our struggles, and methods we use to simplify our morning routine. Hopefully very soon, I will tackle our evening routine, something that is a huge struggle for many parents (including us).

If you didn’t grab your free printable, get it here.

4. Our 2017 extended family trip to the American Southwest: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks! And of course, tips and suggestions for visiting with kids!

I have not yet started these recaps, but look out for them very soon! I’ll cover our route map between these parks, how we ate a paleo / GAPS diet while on the road, and suggestions for rest stops and things to do at these national parks.

Continuing on with the blog goals check in, thankfully there are a few goals I made more progress on.

Goals in progress and done:

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5. New York City destinations- the ultimate tiny trips for us.

A few months into the year, I realized that I had sorely neglected posting about local activities here in New York City.

So from that point on, I implemented “New York Fridays” to start to catch up on all the best things to do with kids in New York City, except that then it became spring and we got busy again. Oops!

But I have been making slow and steady progress on these posts. So far, we have covered:

Also, we have been much, much better this year about weekends away, or as they are called “city breaks”. Read all about them here:

yucatan map a tiny trip

6. The details of our 2018 trip to Yucatan, Mexico. And how you can plan a similar trip!

I’m happy to say, (finally!) that is a goal I can mark as completed! Here are all of the recaps:

what it's like to live in nyc with kids

7. And as before, random updates and family life. 

I let you into our lives, talking about what it’s really like to live in New York City.

I haven’t written much else on the blog about our day to day at home. But, if you do want to see more real time updates, those are on Instagram.

So far this year I have a recap of a simple island/pirate birthday for our 6 year old.

Bonus goal: posting regularly

I didn’t publicly publish this goal, as I wasn’t sure it was feasible. However, during the days that I was regularly posting, back when I only had two kids, I always found my groove in posting three times a week. This was enough to provide a variety of content but not too much to where I needed to water down posts. (Ya’ll know those disappointing series where you wish they would just get on with it).

I was hoping that as I got back in the rhythm of writing, using WordPress, navigating the world of Pinterest and all the things they tell you to do as a blogger in 2019, my grove would return. And I’m happy to say it has. I have a list of ideas a mile long, and I’ve been finding pockets of time to sit and write without sacrificing family time.

Do you make regular goals for yourself? For work or hobbies? Or are you in the New Year’s resolution camp? How’s it going?

P.S. Did you miss last week’s post on a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt? This is the perfect activity if you still need some last minute plans.

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