A 2 Week Yucatan Itinerary

Are you planning a two week trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico? This 2 weeks in Yucatan itinerary is the perfect amount of beaches, ruins and cultural exploration, already planned out for you. Our relaxed itinerary means that even if you will be spending only one week in Yucatan, you can choose a part of this Mexico itinerary.

This trip itinerary covers round trip flights coming to and from Cancun in Quintana Roo. From there you will rent a car and explore the Yucatan Peninsula. If you prefer a one way itinerary, that is more appropriate for backpacking and public transportation, check out this Merida to Cancun itinerary. And if you’re looking to avoid Cancun altogether, then this Yucatan itinerary has you relaxing at the Yucatan beaches!

Yucatan Peninsula Trip (with 3 kids)

Ok guys, after an extended break to touch on some other topics, I’m back with our itinerary and recaps of our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. This trip we took last winter with a 6 year old, 5 year old and 1 year old.

If you missed my previous post on planning our 2018 trip to the Yucatan peninsula, here ya go! If you’re planning your own trip, read on for our very manageable two week Yucatan itinerary.

This itinerary is based on a roundtrip flight into and out of Cancun, Mexico. For a one way itinerary starting in Merida and ending in Cancun, check out this post. I’ve included some of our optional stops, that you may choose to add on to your trip if your kids are older, or you like to travel at a faster pace! So let’s get to it!

A 2 Week Yucatan Itinerary

Let’s hit the beach!

And there you have it. Our complete two week itinerary for vacationing with kids in Mexico! As you can see, we decided to take it easy and do few of the optional activities I had noted. I hope you find this helpful in planning a trip to Mexico with kids!

Of course the dry itinerary leaves out so many details on our adventure, where we stayed, what we did, places we recommend. Coming up in quick succession, recaps of the trip, a review of our hotel in Cancun, and pictures galore!

Have you traveled to Mexico with kids? Where did you visit? Or where do you like to go during winter break?  

This past break, we just stayed home!

P.S. Planning your own family vacation? Check out my new complete packing list! Getting ready for a trip has never been easier!

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