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One of the most important components of preparing for family travel, is a packing list! I created this packing list for my own family, and have used some version of it on every single trip we take! As a matter of fact, I make a copy of it and then get to editing quantities and specific location based items.

The list I’m sending you is for a beach vacation lasting one to two weeks! There are sections for an infant, toddler, and older kids, as well as for the adults. My suggestion to you is to save a copy of the document. Then delete, copy, paste and you will have your own personalized list in a matter of minutes!

About Your Family Beach Vacation Packing List

The document is divided into four sections:

  1. A letter from yours truly on how we divide up our gear while traveling and suggestions for making your life easier too!
  2. Carry on luggage: for the kids and the adults
  3. Check in luggage: including the exact number of items I would take on a beach vacation! I’ve included beach gear as well!
  4. Reminders for all the little things you need to do before you hit the road!

How We Organize our Luggage

We aim to have at most 1 carry-on bag per person (5 total for our family) and only 3 luggages (all kids share a duffle). In order to make this happen we divide and conquer the stuff!

In our family that means that Dad carries the electronics and Mom uses her carry-on as a diaper bag as well. This leaves free hands for managing strollers and carseats through the airport.

Travel Gear Recommendations

For specific product recommendations, check out these posts:

  • Our Current Travel Gear – This gear guide is regularly updated and includes detailed reviews of our strollers, baby carriers, and more.
  • Favorite Travel Gifts for Kids – Small items that have become must-have travel accessories for us.
  • Baby Gear– Not specifically travel related, but since we have a baby in the house, many of these items are coming with us on our travels.

More advice on travel with kids:

Check out some of these posts for tips related to flying with kids, road trips, and more. I highly suggest the preparing for travel post as a must read if you have little kids!

I hope this makes packing for a family beach vacation much easier! Let me know how it goes!

Happy travels!

xo Daphna

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