Trompo Magico Guadalajara

Did you know that Guadalajara has a children’s museum? Not only that, but it is modern, clean, educational and everything you would want out of a children’s museum. Trompo Magico is the perfect sized outing for something fun to do with kids in Guadalajara. It is not too big, but has enough variety for different aged children. With both an outside playground area and several indoor features, it has something for every child. So pack a lunch and your diaper bag and check out one of the best activities in Guadalajara for a toddler or preschooler!

Trompo Magico Children’s Museum in Guadalajara

One of the most unexpected locations in Guadalajara is Trompo Magico, a wonderful children’s museum.
It is quite impressive in the number of different activities they have for children, from little babies to upper school aged kids and teens.
The place is incredibly well maintained, with plenty of staff keeping things running smoothly and organized. It is already becoming a favorite of ours. Baby Boy absolutely loved it!
There are different section for different aged kiddos, and we mostly hung out in the baby area. Little N loved the different shaped mats and balls in the gymboree type area.
Then we went to the “grocery store” where the kiddo went shopping like the older kids. It was amazing watching his little mind process everything that was going on.
We joined our friends that were playing at the bubbles station, and Baby Boy practiced his blowing= fooooo. We ended with a short lunch and headed back home for a much delayed nap.
The visit could not have gone any better, and we look forward to going back many more times!


 Shopping at the market
 Collecting eggs on the farm
Playing doctor
 Getting nice and tired!


To Visit:

Trompo Magico, adults 40 pesos, children under 2 free!

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