Guadalajara Rodeo Season

In the southern US and in Mexico, right about now is rodeo season. I don’t know enough about rodeos to know if it’s a worldwide thing or not. This is what I do know:

Every February there’s a rodeo in town. This was one of the last items on our list of things we wanted to do in Guadalajara, and we’re so happy to have finally gone.

Our Experience at the Guadalajara Rodeo

Checking out the local rodeo has been on our to-do list since we first got here and it’s one of those things I’m really glad we were able to do.

In different batches, riders came out on horses. Some did tricks, others were showing their ridership skills. There were even some kids that came out riding horses.

Little Boy is obsessed with horses so he was mesmerized. The kiddo loved the banda music and probably could have stayed a lot longer if it wasn’t smack in the middle of nap time. Overall both M and I were quite impressed.

How to See the Rodeo in Guadalajara

In February, every Sunday at around noon, you can go to the Lienzo Charro. The Charreria (rodeo) is located at: Av. Dr. Roberto Michel 577, La Aurora, 44790 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Tickets were easily obtained outside! When we went the entrance was only 50 pesos for the day!

Do note that the seating is on concrete, so you may want to bring a padded seat or cushion to sit on.

Otherwise, be prepared for a loud but fun atmosphere. There are vendors that come around with snacks for sale.

More Fun Activities for Kids in Guadalajara

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Have you been to a rodeo in Mexico? How about in Texas? or elsewhere in the United States? How does it compare?

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