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In a surprising turn of events, we book a last minute honeymoon to Cabo. So I thought the only thing I would have to write was how we booked this vacation, but turns out that D&M are up to their usual shenanigans…

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Booking a Last Minute Honeymoon

For the first time in our lives, we paid for internet in an airport (Madrid) on the way back from Israel to Mexico. But we had a task at hand: book a vacation we would leave on just 36 hours later.

Months of research about Cancun went down the drain when we checked the weather and saw a lot of RAIN. So we checked the weather for a few more Mexican destinations and decided on Cabo!

Then it was a matter of finding a few packages, narrowed down to a few that looked good (all inclusive, ocean view, in our price range) and finally we checked tripadvisor to get it down to our finalist. Ten minutes before boarding our connection, it was booked.

landing in los cabos

Mexico City to San Jose del Cabo

After a day in Mexico City (see previous post), we woke up early to fly to San Jose del Cabo. Neither us of knew anything about the place other than the fact that Californians vacation there and that they get earthquakes. Imagine our surprise flying in over seemingly never-ending mountainous desert and a beautiful coastline.

We took a shared cab to the resort on the Corridor. The rest of the day was spent lamenting the ingenuity of an all-inclusive hotel…a bit different than our previous backpacking adventures.

view from riu palace cabo

Day 1 went well; but adventure day was still on the horizon…

Book-Finding Adventure

Our second day in Cabo began with a small “crisis”: we finished our reading books. As if we were travel rookies!

We tried to get some books from the hotel, but there’s a reason why people left those books behind…the receptionist suggested we try our luck at Walmart- a ten minute walk from the resort.

Once we get there, we realize it is just like every other Mexican Walmart- there are no English books to be had. M has the tenacity to ask a gringo at check out if he knows any bookstores, and as luck would have it- they do.

And they offer to give us a ride- introducing Linda and Michael- (the Archie and Jane of Cabo). Except instead of dropping us off by a store, they take us to their condo’s book exchange and let us take a few books for free!

Downtown Cabo San Lucas

Since we were already in town (Cabo San Lucas) we took a little stroll, to the mall and through the marina. Seems like dollars are the way to go down there; no need to feel like you’re in Mexico.

We got back to the resort and had no more reasons to leave for the rest of the week.

marina at cabo san lucas

The remaining days were marked by eating, drinking, swimming, reading and relaxing, and eating and drinking.

sunset at riu palace cabo

Review of Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Overall the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas was a very nice relaxed resort. It is large but you do not feel it, and there’s plenty of room for everyone without feeling crowded. The service was wonderful all around. Here are some more details:


This is a big one for us, and I am happy to report back that the place was spotless. Staff were cleaning all day long and it made for a really nice comfortable feeling.


We got a great room in the center section- totally ocean view, with king bed. It was really nice, and felt very private even though there are lots of other rooms. We called the day before to ask for a king bed and it was available when we arrived, no problems and no fees.


We usually stuck to the quiet pool and it really was quiet and relaxing! No need to save chairs, even when we got to the pool at 10 or 11 am there were plenty of good spots. The activity pool had really fun atmosphere for those that like games.


The buffets were great, especially breakfast! Lunch we got more snack type foods since we were usually by the pool but there was a nice variety. Dinner was just ok. The Krystal restaurant was great! (but you will need to be up at 7 am to reserve it) The Japanese and Mexican were not very good, but luckily we could still go to the buffet! 🙂


The pool bars were good, and service to the pool all the time, although they had mostly standard mixed drinks (you can ask for a double no problem). But the real great bar was the sports bar upstairs- they had a fully stocked bar and could make anything and staff there was the nicest of the resort IMO. Several times we went upstairs and brought down a couple drinks with us to the pool.

Room service

We ordered breakfast everyday and it was great and right on time. Our only complaint was about the other times we ordered room service, it took about 45 minutes every time, whether it was a full meal or just a cup of tea. I think they probably don’t have enough staff for this.


The shows in the evening were not bad, just what you would expect at a resort. The club was just ok- it mostly depends on the guests staying at the time and we weren’t really feeling it.


The guests at the hotel were mostly Americans but there were some Europeans. It was a mix of couples and families and we felt very comfortable and safe. There weren’t very many kids. It seems like families with young children mostly stay next door at the Santa Fe.

Wrapping up: we do try to write a review when we read reviews. To plan our last minute honeymoon, we read a lot of reviews.

Do tell, how do you feel about review sites? Do you write up everything? Just the things you like? Just the ones you can’t stand?

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