Babymoon in Chile: Algarrobo (San Alfonso del Mar)

babymoon in chile

A babymoon in Chile, is one of the best options for those of us coming from North America! This South American country has been reliably Zika free, making it one of the best places to travel while pregnant.

Chile is a safe travel destination, so for those concerned about traveling abroad while pregnant, it provides a great solution. It is also easy to get to, with several direct flights from major airports in the US.

Read on for details of our sunny winter babymoon in Chile: a beachy destination while the north is covered in snow!

How we booked a Babymoon in Chile

On a Friday afternoon, when Little Boy was taking his nap, M came down to chat: if we use miles, we can go on a trip to Chile! The catch: we would be leaving in 36 hours! Not one to miss an opportunity for travel, I started working on our packing list, tidying up the house, and gathering our suitcases. Sunday at 2 a.m. we woke up to begin our trip.

We waited until the very last minute to wake up Little Boy, and hopped into the taxi with a bleary-eyed, pajama-ed, sleepsack-ed kiddo and a couple of suitcases. Not one to miss anything, that was the last of the sleeping for all of us until our arrival in Chile several hours (and one almost missed connection) later.

Toddler over the Andes mountains

Touring Around Santiago

Santiago is a large metropolitan city, good for easy touring and tasty eating (so important on a babymoon). The trip ended up being more of a family visit than a baby moon, but we did manage a couple days at the beach, and a few excursions around Santiago. Little Boy had a wonderful time and loved being the center of attention (as the youngest of the cousins)!

Places to Visit in Santiago:

This post has a complete list of things to do on a trip to Santiago, Chile. On this trip we kept things simple and focused on these toddler friendly attractions:

Pueblito Los Dominicos– A must do attraction for first time visitors. This is a huge complex of local artisans and shops.

Centro Historico– Any first time visitor will want to dedicate a day to exploring the historic downtown of Santiago. It is easy to reach my metro and a very walkable area.

centro historico santiago

Mall Sport– A mall full of sporting gear of all types! Fun for shopping but also great for a toddler.

mall sport santiago chile

Algarrobo and San Alfonso

What vacation would be complete without a little rest and relaxation? Seeing as it was a holiday (of the Virgin of Lo Vasquez) we headed to San Alfonso the “long way”. We still made it with plenty of time to enjoy the day (after a pit stop in “downtown” Algarrobo for a little shopping and coffee).

San Alfonso del Mar is a beach side complex with a giant saltwater pool for swimming, and several indoor pools for when it’s too cold for that. There is also a boardwalk where you can walk by the actual Pacific Ocean. It is a cool place to rent an apartment within a short distance of Santiago.

The afternoon was just warm enough for a little beach time, and a walk along the ocean. The next morning was a bit windy and chilly, so we spent most of it in the pyramid housing the heated pool. We had a little more sand/snack play time and it was time to head back to the big city.

Traveling at 29 Weeks

Taking our babymoon at 29 weeks was just about the perfect time to do it. I am a big fan of taking a trip before your little one arrives, and the beginning of the third trimester is the best time in my opinion. (Or you could leave it till the last minute). It wasn’t extremely difficult to travel while pregnant. But be sure to read the post for all my tips and trick for flying while pregnant, especially if you have another child with you.

waking up at the beach

family picture

inside the heated pool pyramid

Have you taken a babymoon? Would you fly internationally while pregnant?

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