The Nursery

Finally, many months after we decided not to have a nursery, and then kicked the kiddo out of our bedroom, and made M an alternate office, I could finally use the decor I made ages ago, and put together the nursery. Here’s how to put together a nursery using the things you already have!

How the Nursery Came Together

It took me about a week of moving the furniture around every other day until I came to the final configuration, keeping it roomy while blocking off potential hazards (like the only plug in the room).

Then it was a few finishing touches- extra art, hanging the mobile, making a new wardrobe curtain, and it was done. The idea was to infuse color, particularly blues and greens, with a dash of red into the stark white walls and doors (which we don’t want to paint).

Along the way, we accumulated a few special items, and so each wall got a mini-theme: The original animals in blue and greens on the main wall, a little farm theme by the window, and clowns above the changing dresser. So with all that said, here is Baby Boy’s nursery.

A Tour of Baby Boy’s Nursery

Coming into the room, straight on we have a twin bed with a bunch of pillows, mostly from Costco, that used to live in the guest room. The striped pillow cases are new additions from Chile.

Close up of the top shelf: gifted frame and jellycat elephant, plus mini-frame with clowns (still empty inside). Underneath are framed postcards from World Wildlife Fund. 

Second shelf: the shelves are Ikea Lack, the lamp is Ikea Lykta, and the frame from our local dollar store.

Close up of the Noah’s Arc mobile. It was a gift and Baby Boy loves to look at it while getting dressed after his bath. The blue blackout curtain is also from Ikea (not sure what it’s called).

Looking to left, there’s the crib plus a couple more pieces of wall art that I made using Wordle. One has all the places Baby Boy traveled in-utero, the other just family related words. The door to the left of the crib is a bathroom.

Looking right, there’s just a window above the twin bed and my farm art. The closet we use as storage so it is always closed. We have a bookcase with tension rod as Baby Boy’s wardrobe. 

Here’s a close up of the farm stuff: the two greeting cards I found in an old box in my parents’ house, and the key holder I painted when I was about 10!

 This is what it looks like most of the time though! Top to bottom: accessories, clothes, blankets and pjs,  prefold diapers, storage of clothes in next size + travel stuff.

Our changing area is just an office credenza. It is locked because it is still full of office stuff! On top we have a couple Ikea Fabler boxes with cloth diapers and a Cooshee changing pad. Above it a vintage clown organizer that was used when M was a baby! The pockets hold baby toiletries, cloth doublers, covers and wipes.  

Finally a close-up of the clown mobile. We picked it up on our trip to San Miguel de Allende, and the kiddo loves it!    

So that’s the tour. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house and I love how bright and colorful it came out even though we were working with white on white.    

Have you made a nursery for your baby? Is it a themed nursery or just what you already had around?

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