Random Tidbits with a 7 Month Old

1- I think last night was the first time I slept more than 7 hours straight in well over a year. I have no qualms about jinxing this because I don’t really expect Baby Boy to do this again for quite a while.

After the first time he slept 5 hours, it took two months until he did it again, and same with 6 hours. As the Chinese say: man man lai = slowly slowly come.

2- We started going to baby yoga (post forthcoming) and I was google-ing baby yoga because of this story and came across this video. Crazy scary.

3- We’re hosting a superbowl party, I think. Well that’s the plan. I am a self-admitted Patriots fair-weather fan. I kind of know how it’s played from going to my high school games, but let’s be honest I wasn’t paying that much attention back then, just like I probably won’t on Sunday. But, I do enjoy having people over. So I figured I needed to cram a little- reading this and this.

4- Baby Boy has been a very finicky eater the last few days, not wanting to nurse nor eat solids he’s enjoyed before. This is a mystery I should probably google.

5- We’ve been having crazy fix-ups on our house, contemplating if I should post about it. We had to call our cleaning lady to come an extra time this week because we just.couldn’t.deal.with.it anymore. Did I ever mention that we found one? It is a luxury of living in Mexico. Also, Baby Boy is scared of drills but loves watching the workers.

6- We kind of have a new routine going on that includes: lots of long walks and friends coming over to play in our new playroom. Also, I just started a leadership-ish role in the Wife/Mommy group that I’m a part of here, so there’s stuff with that. It’s good.

I think that was random enough. Maybe it’s a little more insight into my life? I like when other bloggers do that.

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