Adjustments (Moving with a Baby and Toddler)

Radio silence on the blog, sometimes a good sign, sometimes a bad sign. This time it was just a busy sign; in that too busy to think (let alone write) kind of way. But things are finally, slowly but surely, winding down. Before I know it we will have a new normal, but in the interim we have adjustments, lots of adjustments. 

Moving from Mexico to the US

So let’s catch up. The move was stressful. I flew with the kids to Texas, M drove and made it there two days later. We were packing until the very last second; it was beyond crazy and intense.

The next couple of weeks we spent in Texas involved scouring rental listings, checking out google maps, coordinating the second part of the move, unpacking some stuff to leave in Texas and repacking some stuff we had waiting there for us.

M flew to NYC for a weekend to see some places and I was just trying to survive solo parenting in a totally not baby proofed house.  We tried to do a few activities while we coordinated part two but all in all it was a very nomadic feeling.

Driving from Texas to New Jersey

Once our things were finally all packed in a pod and heading north, it was time for us to do the same. This was probably the best part: we took a week to drive up to New Jersey with the kids.

The drive was intimidating and the longer stretches were not easy by any means, but they were troopers, and we even saw some cool places along the way. Dare I say, it was kind of fun. 

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We arrived and headed straight to get some permits for our pods that would arrive the next day. And that just sums it up right there because the logistics were just exhausting (and something we are still dealing with).

Since then it’s been a lot of unpacking, organizing, buying, returning, and just figuring out how to set ourselves up. To sum: moving with kids; it was worse than I could have imagined. 

Current Adjustments

Now we are adjusting to a new place:

  • Apartment living.
  • Sleeping on a twin mattress (for Baby Brother). Much harder than our previous crib to bed transition.
  • Not going to school/speaking the language (for Little Boy).

New routines for all of us. I’m looking forwards to a few months from now when hopefully we’ll be a bit more organized, know some more people, and feel less like foreigners. In the meantime we’ll just keep on truckin’.

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