Random: Semana Santa

Here’s our random list of the day:

1- This week in Mexico (and lots of other places around the world) was Semana Santa, Holy Week, before Easter (that would be today). We had vacation, and we went on vacation. I feel like we do that a lot. I’ll be posting about it and maybe throwing in some more travel tips.

2- I forgot to schedule posts for this past week (see above), so I have a bit of a backlog, but there should be a bunch of things going up soon.*

3- Meanwhile, our Baby Boy is officially a crawling/climbing/standing/cruising/digging/picking/ripping little monkey. He is seriously into everything and we need to baby proof and fast! Any advice? This is super urgent so we’re going to get on it this week!

4- Passover. A holiday of too much matza and too many eggs. We just got back home and I need to fill our house with food, but egg-full recipes are not going to work. Any ideas for egg-free, flour/wheat/oat- free recipes?

5- Grandma will be coming later this week. Baby Boy hasn’t seen her since he was 2 weeks old, and he’s getting excited, or at the very least we are.

6- We made M an office before we left. This means that Baby Boy has his own room which I can finally decorate!!! That is my next project, after figuring out what we will eat this week, and baby-proofing. Hmm…I guess that will be next week.

random picture for random post

*I hate when bloggers say that, but I feel like I usually come through pretty quickly, so bear with me.

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