Our Play Room

How we transformed an office area into a guest room and then into a playroom. The easy way to take a piece of your living room and turn it into a play area that is perfect for a baby or toddler. Use what you have, and with a little bit of organization you can make a brand new space!

How We Transformed an Office and Guest Room into a Play Room

Our living room is in an L shape. When we first set it up, we used the short leg of the L as an office area for me. This worked really well when I was taking Spanish classes when we first moved to Mexico.

My former office

We knew eventually we wanted to turn my office into a space for our guests, but this was not a high priority.

Office and Guest room

We hung up a curtain to serve as a room divider and bought mattresses for the guest bed platforms we already had.

Guest room/ baby nap room

We kept our crib in this area for napping during the day, while baby was still co-sleeping with us at night (in his own separate area).

Playroom Transformation

The crib went upstairs into the new nursery. Our guest bed got some extra pillows for lounging and reading. The floor got some mats to soften it up. And the baby toys and books that we were gifted, are now on the lower shelves of the bookcase where they are easily accessible.

Thus far we love the new play area and spend most of our daytime hours when we’re home over here.

It made a nice transition and is a much better use of the space than sitting and waiting for the guests that come here for just a few weeks a year.

Thankfully our living room, has returned to its former, adult glory and I love going in and enjoying a little lounging in the evenings.

Do you have a play room or play area for your baby or toddler? How do you have it organized?

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