Prenatal Yoga

Almost 3 months ago I started going to prenatal yoga. It was something that I half-heartedly looked for the first time around, but didn’t find a place to practice, so that was that. This time around, I already knew of the studio because it was where I took Little Boy to Mommy and Baby Yoga. I have to say that the class is kicking my butt!

Prenatal Yoga Class

My primary motivation is being able to focus exclusively on myself and Baby Brother for a short time every week. I find it very relaxing and don’t mind the hippy parts too much, but the actual workout is not easy at all.

I guess I was more out of shape than I ever thought. I’m feeling very lucky that M is around to watch BB1 during the class and even though I miss my little sidekick, it is really nice to do my own thing.

I’m always surprised that every class is a little different than the last one. Our teacher is really good and I’ve learned lots about breathing, something that doesn’t come to me naturally. (Yes that’s sort of an oxymoron, but I often “forget” to breathe).

When I can quiet my mind and focus on it though, it is so relaxing! I hope that it’s something I can keep at because I usually feel very zen for the rest of the day after class. And that’s all I have to say about that. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

I read up on the benefits of prenatal yoga, and they definitely ring true in my experience.

  • Better sleep- although any type of exercise is generally good for that.
  • Relaxation- yes! as I detailed above.
  • Preparing for birth- absolutely. Get’s the right muscles ready.
  • Decreased pain in pregnancy– maybe, but I think yes!

All in all I would definitely recommend it!

Have you tried prenatal yoga? Or yoga at any other time? Is your experience similar?

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