The Best Laid Plans

Six weeks ago we hired a combination nanny-housekeeper. I never followed up the discussion on nanny vs daycare, but in the end we decided to hold off on daycare for a little while longer.

I trained our new housekeeper room by room on the cleaning, the laundry, some basics in the kitchen, and of course Little Boy’s schedule. The goal, after all, was to make sure that Little Boy was still getting outside play time, and stayed fed, even if I was busy nursing Baby Brother or catching up on sleep.

With M gone for long hours of the day, we wanted to make sure that I had help with the kiddos and the house during the daytime hours.

We make plans and…

As the title of this post might have clued you in, last week we hit a bump in the road.  

One day the nanny called that she couldn’t come for personal reasons. Another she just didn’t show up. As our house was falling into disarray, and my plans to finish some last minute projects disassembled for lack of child care, we got the final lurch: she would not be back. 

Over the weekend, we contacted our agency about the situation and with one week until my due date, we resolved to try to get in as much training as we could manage with a new nanny starting on Monday morning.

I spent some time writing out a little manual with the key points in our house in case I didn’t have enough time to go over everything in person, and informed a couple local friends of the situation (since we were now lacking childcare for Little Boy.

Monday at 12:30 a.m.  I got woken up by an excruciating pain in my back. Thinking I had just moved badly, I tried to re-accommodate. I had barely gone to bed an hour earlier; this couldn’t be the real deal…

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