Preparing for Baby Brother- the List

Looking for some ideas of how to prepare for a second baby? Well this is the list of things we had to do..which will work to help you brainstorm what things you need to do!

I guess the nesting has started because I have a ton of house projects on my mind that have prompted this long master list. M says I have never made such a detailed list, but I beg to differ. I believe the last one was when I was pregnant with Big Brother. 🙂 
If you’re interested, here it is:

1- Hire a housekeeper:
a- make list of qualities desired
b- interview
c- make list of tasks
d- negotiate hours and pay, contract

2- Revamp the playroom
a- buy and paint secondary bookcase
b- set up changing area, crib
c- take twin bed to our room
d- bonus: build play kitchen

3- Prepare BB1 room
a- clean out office credenza, transfer BB1 stuff into it
b- take BB1 wardrobe and move to our room
c- transition BB1 to twin bed
d- make new blackout curtains, and hang
e- get/build bathroom stool
f- set up baby gate

4- Prepare our bedroom
a- organize furniture to accommodate twin bed and wardrobe
b- take out newborn items out of storage and put in wardrobe
c- rewash some items and put away
d- organize nursing and pumping items for accessibility
e- install old blackout curtains from BB1 room
f- get glider/rocker (find a place for/sell desk and chair)

5- Freezer cooking
a- finish cleaning out freezer
b- cook and freeze meals (starting in Jan)

6- Odds and Ends
a- go on USA shopping trip: finish getting gear
b- update laundry directions printout and visiting guests printout
c- organize storage bookshelves (buy some extra boxes, organize crafting)
d- go around house and get rid of stuff we’re not using anymore (donate)
e- organize office (new storage boxes, dehumidify bathroom)
f- create more laundry hanging room (outside lines/freestanding hanging)
g- clean, organize, re-stock pantry

Projects to Finish Up
a- Big Brother’s baby book
b- photo books for a couple trips
c- random house decor

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