Second Time Around: The Second Trimester

More details than you ever wanted to know about the second trimester. Symptoms as they occur week by week. Being pregnant the second time around is easier, because you know what to expect. It is also harder because you still need to take care of your older child. Read on for all the details on pregnancy the second time around, in the second trimester.

Second Trimester Week by Week

Here’s a run down of symptoms that have popped up in the second trimester. All of them are cumulative, for better and for worse.

Week 14– Can’t lie on back. I was starting to feel shortness of breath in the first trimester and now I really can’t lie flat on my back for more than a couple of minutes. With BB1, this didn’t kick in until maybe the last month before delivery so this is kind of a bummer.

Week 15– Reflux started up. It’s still not that bad but I need to cut out onions and a lot of citrus in order to be comfortable.

Week 16– Bad mood Fridays. Last time around, I commented that pregnancy just put me in a bad mood. This time I was able to note when it started. It generally hits worst in the evenings and weekends when I am tired and bored. Remedy: naps and staying busy.

Week 17– Almost daily naps. When Baby Boy goes down for his nap, I veg out on the couch and, more days than not, have myself a short little nap, long enough to rejuvenate me to finish out the day.

Week 18– First movements. Early in this week, or maybe the end of the last I started feeling my little swimmer in the late evenings before bed. Happy!

Week 19– Starting to get random strangers asking about the pregnancy, guess the bump is a-growing.

Week 20– I was a rebel and ate sushi! Yum! Also lots of round ligament pain. Oh, let’s add soft-serve to the rebel list too.

Week 21– Lots of stomach stretching, reflux when I bend down, feeling more lazy. I still have energy but if feels more cumbersome to get tasks done. I know this just the beginning though!

Week 22– Feeling and seeing Baby from the outside!

Week 23– Starting to have a legit bump. People close to me mention I’m fat. 😉 First twinges of sciatica popping up. I’m realizing I am more nervous about this pregnancy than I first realized. It has been a week of nightmares (I never have any when I am not pregnant) and I’m understanding that I won’t be able to fully relax until I have a healthy baby in my arms.

Week 24– Sciatica hits big time. Feeling fat. Baby Brother is a mover and shaker and this ultrasound is no different. It takes some maneuvering but the doc manages to see everything and we’re still having a boy! Time for a mega to do list.

Week 25– Sleeping a little better. Viability is good- now this kiddo needs to bake as long as possible. Keeping busy with lots of activities and trying to get started on the to do list. Nervous about the GD test.

Week 26– Happy for the distraction..we’re off for some shopping! Passed GD test with flying colors- yay! A week as a single parent (i.e. lifting: in and out of crib, in and out of car, in and out of highchair, etc.) and my sciatica is unbearable.

Week 27– Home again! Lots of rest makes the back better. Realizing pushing the stroller is a major trigger for sciatica. Lots of comments on the tummy. Definitely bigger than I was the first time around and already feeling pretty stretched out. Ready to “graduate” to the third trimester: baby getting close but still so far away.

27 weeks

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