Dia de los Muertos and Feria de Pan Regional

The Mexican Day of the Dead is celebrated for 2 days: November 1st and 2nd. On the second day, we went downtown to the Centro to see the yearly statues put up by the city.

The very first time we drove to Guadalajara, we arrived on Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead. This is the day after Halloween, but has nothing to do with it. Rather, altars are set up to honor the dead and remember them. The altars are traditionally decorated with marigold flowers and the treats most enjoyed by the person being honored.

We were lucky to be hosted by a local family, and ate our share of pozole, soup with hominy corn! Since then, we have loved seeing the traditions of this day.

Dia de Muertos in Guadalajara

This year the they were all made by students from local universities. As usual, we came across an unexpected event: a fair of bread and sweets from around the state.

Of course we couldn’t resist and had to try some of the delicious treats. It was another fun-filled day!  

Feria de Pan Regional

We always find amazing festivals in downtown Guadalajara, like the Jalisco Artisan festival, Hindu festival, and more. This fair had all the treats typical of Dia de Muertos: sugar skulls, pan de muerto (cake), and many altars set up.

The birote, a traditional Guadalajara sour dough bread, seen above was absolutely delicious. You can get birote at any store, supermarkets included, but the bakery ones are the best! Traditionally they have the pointed ends so they are easy to tell apart- a crunchy outside and super soft inside. Definitely don’t miss trying it if you come to Guadalajara.

We never know what we’re going to find when we head to the historical center of Guadalajara!

What would you have bought at that bread/cake festival?

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