One year ago I was in labor: I meditated through contractions, trusted myself, my body and my little baby to do what we knew how to do.

I can’t quite explain how amazing it feels, a redeeming experience, after having my first birth experience whisked out of my hands. It gave me a new respect for myself and what I could do. It helped our bonding and our family as a whole.

One year ago, I brought home Baby Brother. It took a few weeks for Little Boy to realize what was going on, but truly his brother has been a gift. A little dude that looks up to him, idolizes his every move, is a captive audience for his shenanigans and a partner in crime in household sillies. They love each other so much and mostly love playing together.

One year ago, our life as a family changed. Somehow we became closer, more of our own little unit.

The day to day routine became fuller, more dynamic, more hectic and yet more full of joy than we ever knew possible. The juggle became both a challenge and a purpose in and of itself.

One year ago, I became a mother of two, and mothering became half as hard and twice as fun. I truly can’t believe it has been a whole entire year!

Happy birthday Baby Brother!

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