The trip that started it all! Back in the early blogging days of 2018, we went on a trip nicknamed “The Big Trip”, to China, Nepal and India. Read all about our backpacking adventures in China here!

China- Read Me First

These are the things you absolutely must know if you are considering backpacking in China. Use our experience, learning the hard way, to prepare for your trip to China. With a little bit of time and preparation, you will have a much easier time backpacking in China! The following tips for China involve a little […]

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Guangzhou and Hong Kong

If northern China was all about history and the southwest was all about nature, then in Guangzhou we really got to know modern China. With limited hostel options all grossly overpriced, we decided to try our luck couch surfing in what turned out to be a very successful experience. Couch Surfing in Guangzhou We stayed

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china interview

Hi readers, This interview was conducted in China on various occasions (mostly long buses and the like) and its purpose is to give some more insight on our daily activities, observations and impressions. Please note that all comments are our subjective opinions. d&m Our Interview about Travel in China General China Travel Describe China in

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Kunming, The Chili Pepper Bus, Yangshuo and the Longsheng Rice Terraces

Kunming We arrived in Kunming from Dali in the early evening and went to our first “downtown” hostel. The problem with being downtown was that there was lots of shopping but nowhere to eat. Eventually we stumbled upon a decent restaurant where we had some delicious lotus root and a whole grilled spicy fish. By

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trivia #2

We are leaving China manana, so before we go, a few more souvenirs up for grabs….   1) What company has the largest market share of bicycles in China?   2) In most developing countries residents pay 1% of their income to access the internet. What % of their income do the Chinese pay to access the internet?

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trivia quiz # 1

we will be introducing a new feature in the blog:   the first to answer correctly will be rewarded with a chinese souvenir…1 souvenir per question.   1. name the author who wrote about a fictional Shangri-La   2. what was the original tibetan name of Shangri-La? (2 answers possible here)    **note: please forward

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Hi folks, lots of internet troubles lately, please bear with us as we get caught up updating…d&m Halfway through the ride, we realized that our bus was headed for Xiaping (new Dali) and so we were not too surprised when we were dropped off at east gate of Dali, a 20 minutes walk from Dali’s

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