trivia quiz # 1

we will be introducing a new feature in the blog:
the first to answer correctly will be rewarded with a chinese souvenir…1 souvenir per question.
1. name the author who wrote about a fictional Shangri-La
2. what was the original tibetan name of Shangri-La? (2 answers possible here)
 **note: please forward your answers via the comments link below this post. to post a comment click on comments, once at the new page, in the blank area post your comment (answer) and sign in using your Gmail or AIM user name and password. if you do not have either of these, make sure to leave your name or email. we will also accept an email to: [email protected].
**second note: we enjoy reading any comments posted. if you have any suggestions or opinions on what you would like to see on the blog we would love to know.
good luck

7 thoughts on “trivia quiz # 1”

  1. How about Gyalthang for a Tibetan name of Shangrila?

    The Boston Globe mentioned this morning that 2 buses were bombed in Kunming, I hope you are alright. But perhaps you are already somewhere else by now…

  2. too little too late. I will look forward to the next trivia questions. Nice work with the blog. I get tired just reading all the travels and adventures.

  3. While I haven’t ventured outside of my apt in weeks b/c the bar is right around the corner, I take solice in the fact that you two are travelling the world in my place. I love the pics…keep them coming!

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