An Easy Fruit Themed Second Birthday

Our baby girl turned TWO! When I was thinking about her birthday coming up, I thought about her favorite things: her brothers, water, balloons, silliness and eating fruit. Lucky for her, May is a great time for fresh fruit. We were all ready for sunshine and silliness, so it was Pinterest to the rescue. Apparently- Tutti Fruity parties abound, or shall I say Two-ty Fruity!

Decor-wise I got some little accessories from Target dollar spot (pineapple paper straws and pineapple string lights, and sunglasses to put on the real pineapple) and the dollar store (paper plates and balloons), and the rest was home-made. The big kids helped me cut out fruit shapes out of construction paper!

The most time-consuming part, was preparing the watermelon cake, and it was pretty quick! Honestly, it took about an hour, no-longer than it would take to bake a regular cake. I cut out the middle portion for the base, and then took one of the ends to make the second layer. Then I decorated with oranges, grapes and an apple peel. I put everything together using toothpicks. The watermelon cake was a perfect solution for food allergies; it is GAPS legal and healthy! I hope I have another excuse to make one!

The birthday girl loved her celebration, in our tiny kitchen, with her favorite people. We finished off the celebration with balloons and gifts in the living room. It happened to be that her main gifts were perfectly on theme, a play kitchen and cutting fruit! She loved them!

Happy Birthday A!

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