Baby Boy’s Bee Themed Birthday Party

All the details for our Baby Boy’s bee themed birthday party. Baby Boy’s birthday party was a day after his birthday, at his grandparents’ house. We brought all of our home-made decor, and had a two part event: lunch with friends and dinner with family. Our focus was to make it a fun day for the kiddo, including some of his favorite things: balloons, bees, and lots of attention.

Deciding on a Bee Themed Birthday Party

Originally I was pretty against doing a bee theme for Baby Boy’s birthday because it seemed so over-done. Then I realized that our friends and family don’t read tons of blogs and haven’t seen this theme.

The bee is most definitely Baby Boy’s favorite “animal” and the first sound he has made unprompted when he sees the bee on his little bug mobile.

To reassure my decision, I happened to stop by the local version of a dollar store, Waldo’s. There, I happened to see a little bee figurine! As soon as I showed it to Baby Boy he was in love. So bees it is.

Bee Decor

Coming in: balloons and hexagon shaped “Mazal Tov” banner. The banner I made with foam: I traced the hexagons and freehanded the letters, then strung them all together with an oversized needle and thread. Obviously the picture was taken before we had tidied up for the party.

On the side opposite the hexagon banner hung Baby Boy’s monthly pictures. I used a craft punch to cut out printed numbers that I glued on, and attached all the pictures to the yellow ribbon with paper clips.

The main table before we had taken all the food out. The little bee figurines I found at the dollar store and tablecloth overlay are just two pieces of 1 yard fabric.

On the right are little goodie bags and a photo album with pictures from the kiddo’s first year. Near the back you can see beehive coloring pages that the little kids colored later on.

Baby Boy with his home-made party hat (lasted all of about 1 minute on his head). The hat was made of card stock, covered in felt, with foam pompom and ribbon around the edge.

Bee Themed Cake

Baby Boy had a blast with pizza and watermelon for lunch!

Baby Boy’s bee birthday cake; it looks very home-made (there were some frosting issues), but it tasted delicious! Baby Boy approved, so that’s all that matters! He actually said “mmmmm”; it was cute!  

Lots of balloons on the floor and Baby Boy playing with one of his favorite gifts! (It’s a xylophone that floats in the bath=genius!) All in all it was a wonderful day!

Baby Boy’s Birthday Day

On Baby Boy’s actual birthday, we had a fun day that was mostly about him, and partly about preparing for his party the next day. Regardless, I think he had an amazing time.  

We started with a supermarket expedition, where Baby Boy was certain the balloons at the entrance had been put up just for him! (He did after all, wake up, to a lot of balloons already decorating the house).

Since his birthday cake was still in the works, we let him have a pudding treat instead. It was a very big success!

And finally, we went on a family trip to the beach! He was a little concerned at first, but ended up having a great time in the water!

How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday? Are you into themed birthday parties?

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  1. I am in love with this bee themed birthday party! The decorations are heart throbbing. Liked all décor stuff, especially birthday banner. Thinking to have this theme for my daughter’s first birthday. Finding an event space NYC for the party in budget.

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