Update: We are Back on the Road!

There is nothing like staying at home for a year, not boarding an airplane for a year and a half, and living in the suburbs to make these two backpackers, ready for a new adventure!

I’ve already hinted that we were up to something a few weeks ago, and here it is! We are officially on the road again. I’m not 100% certain where we will be when this post goes up. Here’s what I do know: we will officially be Worldschooling the kids for the next few weeks or months.

Our “homeschool” goals revolve around getting the kids’ Spanish language skills improved. Our family goals are just to have some fun, and give the digital nomad thing a try. Unschooling showed us we could spend lots of time together and thrive.

In anticipation of the usual questions…here are my answers:

  • Yes, I’m nervous! But excited. More excited than nervous.
  • For our first portion of the trip we will be driving into Mexico. The details are totally TBD (to be determined).
  • We make it our business to be safe. Our general experience from living in Mexico is that we mostly felt safe. It’s a top priority.
  • We are going to take it nice and slow. The plan is to do the driving on weekends, and keep things low key and easy during the work week.

Over the next little while expect posts to be a little more rough around the edges, as we’ll be doing more adventuring and less writing.

I do have a few planned posts going up (wrapping up our Texas adventures and gear we are taking on our world school adventure). How long that will last remains to be seen. Check back on Mondays and I will do my best to keep at it!

Do you have any questions about our family adventure? Would you hit the road with four kids and minimal plans? Do you think we are crazy?

The best way to get answers to your questions is to leave your questions in the comments!

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