Routine: 2 and 22 months

I don’t usually do these routine posts so frequently, but life with a newborn is always changing and I want to remember the mayhem.

The days are long but the weeks are short. Here’s what life is like with a 2 month old baby and a 22 month old toddler! This hour by hour daily schedule for a 2 month old should be helpful in giving you an idea of how to set up your routine with a baby.

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Morning Schedule with a 2 Month Old

4:00 – First feeding of the night for Baby Brother + diaper change, swaddle and back to bed. This one takes the better part of an hour. (Throughout the month we phased out the diaper change and began leaving you swaddled).

6:00 or 7:00- Second feeding, it’s still dark outside. I forego the diaper change and opt for side- lying breastfeeding in bed. I know there’s only a little bit of sleep left for me.

8:00 or 9:00- One more morning feeding for Baby Brother (B) and then I get Little Boy. We come back to our bedroom to change B and then head downstairs: B takes a nap in the swing and Little Boy and I have breakfast, finish getting dressed, and throw in some laundry.

10:00- Time for another changing and feeding and now we can get ready for a morning activity. More often than not we stick around the house: art, water play, and outside wanderings are most common, although sometime we do some cooking or cleaning together. Baby Brother tags along in my arms or the baby carrier. We try to fit in some tummy time because otherwise later on it won’t happen.

Afternoon with a 2 month old baby

12:30- Another feeding and changing interrupts what we were doing and then Little Boy has some lunch. Often M will come join us for lunch and take Baby Brother off my hands so that I can take care of nap time.

13:15- Little Boy heads for a story and nap time. This takes quite a long time. He often doesn’t want to go to sleep and falls asleep reading a book.

14:00- By the time I’m back it’s time for another feeding, and I try to have some lunch myself. Then I have just a tiny bit of time to try to get something done or just sit. Again, I have a kiddo tagging along on my lap or in my arms.

15:00 or 16:00- It’s still pretty hot outside, so when Little Boy is up we play indoors for a bit, feed and change Baby Brother and then get ready to go on a walk.

17:00- We head for a nice long walk: sometimes completing a small errand but usually just heading to a park and playing. While we’re at the park I get in another feeding and changing so that we can make it back without incidence. (As it’s gotten even hotter we’ve changed this to water play).

Evening routine with a 22 month old toddler

18:30- We’re back home and M takes over Little Boy for a bit, usually playing soccer together, while I get together dinner. Baby Brother is generally in a baby carrier with one of us.

19:00- Family dinner. As of late I’ve been menu planning, and since M has been doing most of the shopping we have an abundance of fresh ingredients.

20:00- Bath time for Little Boy and often another mini-feed for the munchkin. M takes care of bath and pajamas and then I go in for story, nursing and bed.

21:00- Bath time for Baby Brother. M and I bathe the kiddo together and then I get him dressed and settle in for his final long feeding, burping, rocking etc. (We’ve changed this too, and Baby Brother gets bathed first now at 19:30 so that he is sleeping by 20:30 and then I go in to put Little Boy to bed by 21:00 or 21:30).

22:00- Baby Brother falls asleep and I keep rocking him for a little while longer before swaddling with the miracle blanket. I hustle to finish up the most important tasks: putting away dinner leftovers, collecting/moving laundry, and then get ready for bed! I aim to be in bed by 23:00 but it doesn’t always work out.

It’s possible to go on vacation!

Guess what? We were also able to take a trip to the beach! Baby was 6 weeks old and the toddler was 22 months! We maintained a similar routine as at home. It was really nice to just do the breastfeeding, holding, rocking thing at the beach.

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What is life looking like for you with a 2 month old baby? Would you consider going on vacation with them?

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