State of the Family: 2 Under 2- The Third Month

At this point we have reached a sense of new normalcy. Is it easy? no. But we are loving it!

Our Baby at Three Months

Baby Brother is doing everything he needs to be doing at this point: growing, eating, sleeping slightly longer stretches, napping worse as he becomes more aware of the world around him, and chatting with us in baby babble. He loves watching his big brother.

Big Brother at Three Months

Three months in, I can say that Little Boy doesn’t remember life before his little brother!

He has become very protective of Baby Brother. He is concerned when someone other than M or I is holding him, he makes sure to get a rag to wipe his spit up or bring me a diaper to change him, and he gives him hugs and kisses every single day. Yes, every single day.

I tear up just thinking about how sweet he is, helping us make Baby Brother laugh and accompanying him during tummy time.

The other huge progress we’ve made, is that Little Boy is officially over his regression. I think it peaked just before the two month mark, but at three months he not only went back to telling us when he needed to go potty, we have also been able to begin real-deal potty training!


Dad at Three Months

M is stretched thin just barely keeping pace with everything he has to do for school, while helping A LOT with house upkeep and making time to spend with the boys.

Mom at Three Months

And me. I already detailed my struggle with keeping an MSPI diet separately, but the “I have nothing to eat” is a daily phrase that comes out of my mouth. Inevitably I have to do more cooking than I would have liked (but all the freezer meal we still have left are no-nos for me).

I have recurrent back pain from constantly carrying our chunkster Baby Brother (/while pushing Litttle Boy in stroller/ while carrying ginormous diaper bag).

My one general complaint, though, is that I have NO TIME. I feel like I am always playing catch-up because there are always things that are pending.

My “free time” (post bed time for the boys and very rarely a few minutes when both are asleep during the day) is usually spent doing laundry, or dishes, or making food, or cleaning the bathrooms.

Basically all the projects that I would normally take on are just not happening, and decompressing time (like writing a blog post) happens when I should be sleeping. Yeah.

Challenges of Two under Two

Having two little ones is a constant juggle. I have to keep myself in check.

  • How much attention are each of the kids getting?
  • Who to attend to first when they are both melting down?
  • How to get two kids, and the stroller, and my bag, into the car in the most efficient way with the least amount of crying?
  • How to convince Little Boy to do necessary things (eat, come upstairs, stop making a mess) when I am preoccupied nursing Baby Brother?

It is both mentally and physically exhausting. But the moments… those little moments that happen so many times during the day: the smile, the kiss, the babble, the new word, make it so so worth it.

So that’s where we are at three months. I don’t think I will write another 2 under 2 post because I don’t see it happening before Little Boy’s birthday next month. But I hope this gives a little glance at what it’s like (and why my posts are just barely happening now).

I think that mostly the adjustment is similar to anyone having a second child, with the added “bonus” that the older one is less independent so a parent is needed all.the.time.

And two in diapers- we’re taking care of that pronto! 🙂 I believe (hope) that in the long term, though, the boys will be great friends and companions.

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