Rocker/Recliner/Glider: The Search

Having lived in Mexico for almost three years now, I knew that our search for a comfortable chair for breastfeeding would not be an easy one.

For some reason, furniture selection is extremely limited and can generally be divided into two categories: rustic furniture that is cheap and uncomfortable (made locally usually of pine wood and synthetic upholstery) or modern furniture that is expensive and either imported or made locally of the same cheap materials but stylized to look like it is imported.

With that in mind, we tried a third option first: going to a carpenter and getting a quote for a rocking/gliding chair and ottoman. I brought him a couple pictures of some cheapish gliders from amazon, we took some measurements and waited.

When the quote arrived we realized we might be better off upping our budget and heading to scour the furniture stores for a rocking recliner.

Here are some contenders:

A- Kind of ugly but soft and comfortable, back a little short, 6k  

 B- Not a recliner, but a rocker with ottoman, 3k 🙂  

 C- Very comfortable, real leather, something we might keep long term, 10k (eek)  

 D- Great size, tall back but the seat a little bit narrow for sitting cross-legged, 5k  

 E- Comfortable, real leather, a little too bulky, 7k  

F- Good size, soft upholstery, back a little short, 5k

Evaluating Our Recliner Choices

There was no perfect chair, of course, but we did come up with several options. The first question was if this was something we would keep long-term (maybe but probably not), and if we were going to be selling it in a year or so how much did we want to spend (not more than 6k..bye bye E & C).

So then it was down to the chairs that either weren’t quite wide enough (B&D) or weren’t quite tall enough (A&F); in other words is it more important to be able to sit cross-legged or to tilt our head back?

We have yet to order a chair, but since the primary use will be breastfeeding, we (I) am leaning towards one of the shorter options so I have plenty of room with baby in my lap. Update to follow.

Did you get a comfortable chair for breastfeeding?

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