Our Considerate Munchkin

Thursday- I had set a deadline to be ready with everything before our next appointment, in case the doctor wanted to deliver that same day, by induction or otherwise. But our little angel knew that we really needed a little more coupledom. So he grew, and the doctor gave us an extension until the following Tuesday (39 weeks by his count, 38 by mine).

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- M is studying for one more test he has the following week. We go to Walmart and stock up the pantry. I talk to a lot of my good friends by phone/email/skype. Everyone is ready, and I’m finally feeling calm. We finally check out the JCC pool. We use our grill for the first time. I craft. Instead of being ready to be finished with the pregnancy, I am ready to meet Baby Boy.

Monday- I do some baking, some laundry, pay some bills. I’m ready but also tired, too tired to really take advantage of our last days of two-dom.

Tuesday- We go to the doctor; he’s a bit concerned. My amniotic fluid is low; if Baby doesn’t come soon he’s going to be forced out. Still we walk out of the office and continue as we have been. We go to Blockbuster and rent not 1 but 2 movies; gotta take advantage of 1 dollar rentals. I look at my to-do list and decide maybe I should pack my hospital bag; so I leisurely pack over the next several hours, while finishing up M’s anniversary gift.

It’s a big week for us: Tomorrow, Wednesday, M turns 30! Yup 30! and the following day is our 1 year anniversary. Luckily the second gift and card are ready. And since M got his 30th Bday gift early- the VW bug we’re using as a second car- all I have left is his card. So I sit down at the dining table, and start sketching out the card when I feel a trickle…

Baby Boy will be coming on his own day. No sharing birthdays or anniversaries. 2 days before M has to take his final test. Only a couple days into semester break. He’s a considerate fellow and he’s not even here yet.

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