First Trip to the Zoo!

We finally made it to the Guadalajara Zoologico, and boy were we impressed! Just coming in down a grandiose staircase and landing in front of a fountain surrounded by flamingos we were already taken with the place.

As we started to explore the beautifully landscaped zoo, we realized that it is huge! It was definitely a case where we had to pick and choose because there just wasn’t enough time to see everything. Little N loved the experience, was enthralled by the animals and just the general surroundings. Here’s a peak at our first trip to the zoo with a toddler.

First Trip to the Zoo with a Toddler

Our first trip to the zoo was a huge success! The place was huge and really nicely landscaped; there was lots to look at in all directions.  

Little Boy loved looking at the animals. The monkeys especially got up close and personal, much to M’s chagrin.  

We didn’t get a ton of pictures between taking the kiddo in and out of the stroller so that he could see, managing water and snacks, and trying to see as much as we could before lunch/nap time.  

We ended our visit with a train ride back to the park entrance and little family picnic. I’m glad we waited until Little Boy was a little older to go and we will most definitely be back!  

with the flamingoes
Checking out the lions

Tips for Taking your Toddler to the Zoo for the First Time

The zoo is one of the easiest family friendly activities! You almost don’t even need to read these tips. But here goes:

  • Go first thing in the morning, zoos don’t usually get busy until later in the day. Toddlers will enjoy the quiet of the morning, plus they’re awake at that time anyway.
  • Bring snacks! Always, bring snacks. Most zoos will not have too many healthy food options.
  • In the same manner, bring water! Those disposable bottles they sell are pricey (and bad for the environment). Bring your own reusable water bottle
  • Plan to leave at nap time. Or if your kiddo is good with stroller naps, then you can plan for the whole day there. Speaking of which…
  • Bring your best stroller! Zoos are large and entail lots of walking. Kids get tired. When in doubt, bring your most comfortable stroller! Also good for carrying all your stuff (see snacks, above).
  • Be prepared to lift your toddler out of the stroller. There will be animals that are hard to see from toddler eye level.

Have you taken your toddler to the zoo? What was their favorite part?

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  1. It made sense to me when you suggested bringing your toddler to a zoo in the morning since it is usually busier in the afternoon. This is something that I will consider because my husband and I want to bring our 4-year old son to a zoo where he can feed and pet different animals. We wanted him to feel free while roaming around, so we will do your tips.

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