Driving from the U.S. to Mexico: Do’s and Don’ts

DO go to AAA and get a map of Mexico for free. If you’re not a member, tell them it’s for your Dad who is.

DON’T expect the map you just got to have details on the roads you actually need.

DO get a GPS map for Mexico.

DON’T expect it to be right; you might find yourself driving off a cliff.

DO watch the road, and try to pick up a few words in Spanish so you can ask for directions.

DON’T drive at night; no need to be a dummy.

DO take the toll roads (cuota) whenever possible; yes they are that much better, and they have “Green Angels” (road crew) that will pick you up if you get stuck.

DON’T forget to calculate the time you will spend at the border into your driving time; it is busy there at all hours of the day and night, and if it’s not busy there is only one sleepy guard working.

DO fill up gas when you’re on the outskirts of a town and there are 4 gas stations in a row; that means you are entering several hours of desert(-ed) roads.

DON’T freak out when stopped by a federal police officer; he might just be checking the car permit you got at the border. But keep some baksheesh on hand.

DO try to enjoy it! You can always stay a night on the way and get there mañana!

**Please check the State Department travel advisory warnings regarding your desired route; at the moment several border towns should be avoided.

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