A few days after our biggest low, Grandma came into town. And we needed all the help we could get. Per our conversation, our first day after she arrived we went to Costco, and then she and I took turns holding Baby Boy/ cooking, so that we could re-fill the freezer with a whole bunch of meals.

She also helped me clean out the pantry, which had been a mess since the parents were in town two months prior. Actually since cleaning ladies #3 and #4 failed to show up, she did a lot of cleaning for us, which we are very grateful for.

We had a real dinner every night. And I had some time to rest! in the middle of the day! and read my blogs and waste time online! So that was wonderful. The big thing though, was that Grandma realized what it means when Baby Boy eats every two hours (beginning to beginning) and why I have not had time to do almost anything. Well that, and the whole freezer full of food thing. 🙂

Since then, I’ve been getting us dinner on the table every night, because the entree is just a defrost and making a side/salad doesn’t seem so overwhelming. And I’ve gotten some errands done with Baby Boy during the day because the house is not a mess. So we’re optimistic, and the sleep “training” is helping too.

*BTW our cleaning lady count is at 5 and we don’t see an end anytime soon. We’re starting to feel like there’s a jinx on us or somethin’…

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