Drowning (Adjusting to Parenthood)

Since Baby Boy was born, M and I have been extremely sleep deprived. Since he was 2 weeks old, our house has been a mess, and we haven’t found someone reliable to clean it. Since he was 3 weeks old, M has been extremely busy with school. And me? I’ve been basically non-functioning.

The little bit of free time I have between feedings I spend a) showering, b) trying to nap, c) checking email, in that order. And that’s about it.

So no wonder that with a lack of schedule, a struggle to get meals together and no outside help, by week 7 M and I felt as if we were drowning.

All that was missing was some sickness (me) and exams (M), bugs in the pantry, spiders on the wall next to the play area, and a cockroach running around to put us over the edge. I won’t sugar coat the tension, because we were struggling, until the explosion came (read: yelling in the street).

Making a Plan

So it was time for a plan. We are going to try to extend Baby Boy’s night sleep stretch from 3/4 hours to 5, try to get him to like his crib so that I can put him down in the middle of the day, and pull out the pacifier from time to time.

I’m going to re-take charge of cooking, at least once a week, and re-fill the freezer with meals ready to go, and we’re going to try a prepared meals place.

We’re going to try out 2 more cleaning ladies, with the goal of finding one (or two) that can come twice a week, so that M doesn’t have to worry about that.

And we’re going to try to get together a weekly schedule, so that our tasks get done somehow and we’re not struggling to stay afloat. Luckily, one of the Grandmas is coming to stay for a week, and we’re going to take advantage to try to get re-organized.

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