Thoughts on Mother’s Day

One of the things I love about Mexico is how seriously they take Mother’s Day. It is much more than just the Hallmark style holiday I grew up with in the States. There flowers, a homemade card and maybe a gift were the extent of celebrations, with a brunch or breakfast in bed for mom on the years we really made an effort. 

I feel like here people genuinely go out of their way to spend time with their mothers. It is not uncommon to see a grown son taking his mother out to lunch, or in the case of our neighbors- a mariachi band hired to serenade the mother.

But more than that, and I am sure this is partly because I became a mother while we’ve been living here, it is an appreciation much deeper than the “you’re the best” sentiment I grew up with. It is a recognition of mothers as the providers of life, the ones that raise children, guide them and embrace them with unconditional love and support.   

To my boys I say thank you for the privilege that is being your mother. And to all the mothers out there, tomorrow enjoy YOUR day!  

Love them! 

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