Varanasi Tips

Boat Ride on Ganges: 100 Rs/ hour/person; you can see the different Ghats(steps going down to the Ganges); the best time is sunrise or sunset; the recommended direction is to go to the southern end of city (Assi ghat) and take a boat northwards.

Manikarnika Ghat– the burning ghat, where bodies are burned before the ashes are scattered in the Ganges river, it’s slightly unnerving to be there but definitely an experience.

Alka Hotel[email protected][email protected]; website: (website is under construction but google for more info)  tel: 240168; located at Meer Ghat; try to book ahead; great location on the Ganges river. different types of rooms ranging from 300 Rs all the way to 1500. 300 gets you double room with shared bath; attached bath starts at 500 Rs (No AC); restaurant is overpriced but tasty and on the balcony overlooking the Ganges. try the special thali. 

Mona Lisa Cafe: cheap and good, shakshuka, juices, and pastries, etc. internet also, near Harichandra ghat.

Brown Bread bakery: good sandwiches/veggie burgers; a little pricey, 1 liter water fillup 5 Rs.

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