Return to India (Varkala)

leaving Mumbai

It’s like we never left. The flight to India on Royal Jordanian was surprisingly pleasant, the flight from Tel Aviv to Amman, was stunning, really low over the mountains. Once we arrived in Mumbai we transferred to the domestic terminal and promptly found a corner to sleep for a few hours until our flight midday. After a breakfast we took our flight to Trivandrum, on the southern tip of India and Kerala and immediately took a short train to Varkala, our first destination. Needless to say, after all that we needed some R&R and Varkala was the perfect beach destination to do just that. There is a big cliff, under which there is a very nice beach. It was hot but breezy, and the sea looked as if it went on forever in all directions. We took some long walks up the beach, visited the local temple that was celebrating a festival, and after another night in Varkala with an amazing nighttime lightning storm it was on to Kollam.

landing in Trivandrum

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