Panamerican Games: Pelota Vasca

So we wanted to go to an event, but didn’t have the foresight to buy tickets early. This means that we were left with: Pelota Vasca (Fronton, or Basque Pelota). Basically two teams of two people hit a ball against a wall using a wooden racket.

It was cool for about a match but we actually enjoyed the break between matches more, when we got to see the 3 mascots come out: Huichi (for the Huichol people that are indigenous to the area), Gave (for the agave that makes Tequila here- see more HERE and HERE and HERE), and Leo (for the lion on Guadalajara’s coat of arms).

entering the stadium

the mascots come out


Mexico vs. Uruguay

it got a little loud for Little N

game in action

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