Unidad Deportiva Revolución

Our latest adventure took us all the way across the street to Unidad Deportiva Revolución, a public sports complex and site of the 2011 Panamerican Games Headquarters. The place is huge, but you have to pay an extra fee to use the specific facilities so it’s not as affordable as it first seems. Nevertheless the exploration made for a good change to our walk, and really showcases Mexican public spaces at their finest, ha!

We started at the defunct bobsled track:

Enjoyed the flowering trees behind the miserable field hockey field:

Checked out the slightly dilapidated archery stadium:

And topped it off with a little rusted rock climbing wall:

Not to burn too many calories, we went home, and made some of these:

which keeping with the theme of the day, came out a bit shabby themselves, but were tasty nonetheless.

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