2.5 Year Old Toddler

I love this age. Love it. A lot. Little Boy is sweet and funny and fun! Yes we have difficult weeks with some pushing or troubles with sharing but overall: so.much.fun.
I love that we can have conversations,  back and forth. I love that he is a source of information, though not always a reliable source. I love when he “translates” for us, or when he responds to something when the adults are really just talking amongst themselves.
I love that he can play by himself. This, I really love a lot. Especially outside with balls or sticks or plants, or indoors with car and trains. Or water, anything with water will hold his attention for so, so long.
And it’s not just the break that it gives me, although that’s great too, it’s about seeing him figure things out on his own, be creative, explore.
Watching him turn my whisk into a plumbing tool to stick down a hole outdoors (and work “together” with the plumber outside)…totally worth the destroyed whisk!
The independence drives us crazy some times, but seeing him put on his underwear and pants for the first time completely by himself without getting frustrated, my heart just burst with pride. Sometimes he goes up to strangers and just starts chatting, other times he stares people down and won’t answer a single question; the kid has so much character I am intrigued to see how he keeps growing.
Other things I love: opinions on clothing (i.e. hilarious outfits), getting into the car on his own (and telling his teacher how to buckle his car seat), random moments of absolute sweetness with his little brother, insisting on eating exactly what the adults are having, and a love of helping around the house. I don’t know how we got so lucky with such a sweet one!

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