Trekking Journal – Day 2: Las Torres

The stormy winds and rain didn´t allow much rest throughout the night, but we awoke with a decision at hand: walk through the rain or stay in? In order to avoid kicking ourselves in the behind later (and with the faint possibility that it might clear up later) we decided to go ahead and attempt the trek. From the moment we stepped outside pouring rain and strong winds made us mostly miserable. The steep ascent towards El Chileno camp didn´t help the matter and within half an hour we were wet, within the hour we and all our stuff were soaked to the core. We ascended almost without stop- the wind whipping at the little bit of face skin we had exposed. Finally we made it to El Chileno lodge for a bit of a hot chocolate break. Any attempt to dry our things with the other dozen hikers packed into the small lodge was futile. And any chance of our continuing to hike up in the unceasing rain were lost. Regretfully, we descended down the steep hills to the lodge drenched and disappointed. The rest of the evening was not much easier as we struggled to dry our clothes by the small wood burning ovens with everyone else in the lodge vying for the same limited space, After shuttling back and forth and not getting much rest miraculously we managed to dry our things.

our wet stuff 🙁

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