Time to Leave?

I’ve been getting the hint that it’s time to leave…

Our next door neighbors had time to separate, move out, sell the place, renovate it, and the new owners have moved in.

Our across the street neighbor bought a house elsewhere and left.

Our up the street neighbor has finished construction on a new house and they are moving next month…

Two of our original three guards have left. And that’s just around our house.  

My mommy group friends have had a mass exodus: one in August, one in October, two in November, two in December, one just left, one more is leaving in March, and the last one in April. Then it will be just me.  

I just got notice that our rabbi is having a going away part next week.

Somehow leaving is a lot easier than being left. I don’t like saying goodbye over and over, keeping a smile on my face, telling our friends that they’ll be fine. I know they will.

I’m ready to start packing, to have that burning desire to organize perfectly, finish up loose ends, sell, sell, sell. But where would I go? I don’t know.

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