Stuff I Want

So they say that the only things you need for a newborn are a place to sleep, a carseat and a boob. But we all know that’s a little extreme. So we add some must-haves: diapers and wipes, clothes, blankets, and a place to hang out during the day. But we want to be a bit comfortable, so we add some toys, a nursing pillow, a stroller and/or carrier, a changing pad etc.

Here’s some of the stuff I want, that’s not a must-must, but would be great to have:

A baby jogger stroller + parent console (might have to wait for the next trip):

A nursing pillow + covers (could just use any old pillow):

A pump + some bottles (presumably can be skipped if I exclusively breast feed):

Swaddeling blankets (can probably be found cheaper, but these are supposed to be the BEST):

Changing pad (could just change on the floor…)

A play mat of sorts (could just use an old blanket w/home-made toys)

Also, toys, books, a baby monitor, and maybe a bouncer or swing???

And the really unnecessary:
Cloud b Sleep Sheep (could just download a few white noise sounds to our ipods):

An Itzbeen timer (just seems like it will make life a bit easier):

So that’s the run-down. I’m really hoping we can manage to buy most of this stuff. It’s a little difficult without any shower in the planning (or rather one that will be attended by other medical students and/or their wives), but I think we’ll work it out, or fore-go some of the “stuff”.

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