Routine: 3 months

Are you wondering what it’s like to have a 3 month old baby? Well here is a look at a daily routine with a 3 month old. This daily schedule is flexible, yet provides up with a good rhythm, so we know when to feed the baby, help him nap, and play.

If you are looking for a daily schedule for a 3 month old, then look no further! It is so fun to see baby waking up from being a sleepy newborn to really used to being on the outside. Definitely celebrate the end of the fourth trimester, it only gets more fun from here on out!

Daily 3 Month Old Baby Routine

Baby Boy wakes up around 7:30 am and the day officially begins with breakfast for him. Then it’s time for my breakfast, so he gets to play independently on one of our play mats.

He’s currently loving the mirror so that keeps him occupied long enough for me to make myself food and sit beside him in the living room while he plays.

After a short while he gets tired and is ready for the morning nap. I use this time to email or cook, and a short hour later it’s time for his mid-morning snack.

If there are errands to be done, or socializing scheduled, this is the time (circa 11am). Usually he’s awake for part of the time, flirting with my friends, or gazing up at the trees if we walk to the store. At some point he’ll doze off for a bit, but it’s always short-lived and then he’s awake again.

If I’m home we do some laundry or organize clothes, or if we have afternoon errands then this is our main play time.

When we get home, Baby Boy has his first lunch. We then play together- I read him a story, we do a little tummy time, we sing songs together. It’s a lot of learning (and teaching) and it tires both of us out.

But then it’s time for second lunch for the kid, and with a nice food coma, he’s usually out for a nice solid nap. This is my time to have lunch, do some stuff around the house, or read up on the currently concerning matter of the day (drooling? sleep schedules? next milestone?).

After the afternoon snack (around 3pm), we have our second session of play time. We’ll do whatever we didn’t have time for in the morning, or sometimes just let him talk to his mobile friends in the crib. Lots of times I take this time for myself and Baby Boy plays with his Daddy.

Then it’s time for another nap (5:30-7, if we can). If we didn’t take a walk in the morning, then we go now, and he’s fascinated by the trees until he nods off. If we’re not walking, we put him to sleep on his tummy and then obsessively check on Baby Boy to make sure he hasn’t lodged his face straight into the mattress.

I try to get some dinner together because when he gets up Baby Boy wants dinner (like a good Mexican, at 8pm). We then walk a fine line: a short nap that’s not too short and not too long, so it doesn’t interfere with bed time.

During this time the adults have dinner, and get ready for the final leg of the day. When the nap is over it’s time for a bath by Daddy, jammies, and a final feeding, this time with a bottle. Then we swaddle, put on wave sounds, depending on fussiness level sometimes a pacifier and it’s light out.

Baby Boy usually gets the hint that there’s no more activity and closes his eyes. Then Mommy has to go to bed because in 3-5 hours we have an early morning feed. Baby Boy eats and then it’s another swaddle and lights out for a couple more hours until he gets up for the day.

*I can’t believe how much this has changed since 6 weeks ago….

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