Registry for a Second Baby

I should preface by saying we’re probably not going to set up a formal registry because I don’t think we’re going to have another baby shower, but this is my shopping list for the extra stuff I want to get this time around.

Update: If you want my complete recommendations for Baby Gear, after having four kids, that’s here!

Things I noted last time that I wanted to try out if we had a second baby:

The Miracle Blanket– I’ve heard great things about it, and while we still have all of our Aiden and Anais swaddle blanket (which we love), since we’re having a winter baby I’d like to try out a thicker swaddle.

My Brest Friend– I have a Boppy, and it worked really well from 3 to 11 months. Before that I was using so many different pillows stacked everywhere just to get Baby Boy positioned high enough. This time around I want to try a different pillow that will hopefully work better in the newborn phase.

Things I want to refresh:

Newborn Diapers– We had originally gotten 18 newborn sized diapers, and 30 small sized.

We actually needed at least 30 in the newborn size and had to use the small ones even when Baby Boy was teeny tiny, despite the fact that they didn’t fit very well. So I want to complete our stash this time around. I will probably get the Swaddlebees Newborn AIO, so that the grandparents can help out too and maybe some more prefolds.

newborn cloth diaper

Medela tubing for the Pump in Style Advanced– I felt like it was always such a hassle to keep these clean, but somehow I managed. I definitely want a fresh new set though for the new baby.

Nursing bras– I never expected that I would go on breastfeeding as long as I did, and the bras I got have definitely taken a beating, so I want a few new ones.

Sleep Sheep– Baby Boy still falls asleep with his every night. I’m thinking we’ll need to have another one for the new baby. Maybe I’ll get the travel version this time around, or a different machine all together.

Totally new items:

Double stroller– This is another post for another day, but with two kids 20 months apart, I definitely need a good double stroller for our daily walks.

Infant car seat– Since we made the switch to a convertible car seat that fits well in our car, we’ve been very happy. The problem is that I don’t feel that this convertible (Britax Roundabout) is one that would actually suit a newborn the way our previous seat fit (First Years True Fit).

So we’re going to need an infant seat after all, until we get another Britax convertible. Currently I’m leaning towards the Chicco Keyfit.

Up next: Luxury items I probably won’t buy, but maybe I will

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