Ready (38 Weeks Pregnant)

Starting off with a heart shaped stone from our babymoon at the beach. It’s the 38th week of pregnancy and I’m starting to feel ready. Ready to meet baby that is. Thoughts on being 38 weeks pregnant. Pondering what type of mama I will become. Join the conversation as we head into these final days of pregnancy. Lots of reading to be done, too!


I’m ready. Before I was ready to be done being pregnant. Now I’m ready to meet Baby Boy!

There are a few things on my list I didn’t finish, but somehow that doesn’t bother me too much; they will get done at some point. Everything for the little munchkin though is definitely ready for his arrival.

I’ve had some nervous thoughts about labor. I’m not sure which I fear more an induction or c-section. I guess the former is a fear for the present: will it work? will Baby be under distress? will it be horribly painful? will I end up with a c-section anyway?

The latter is a fear for the future: how will I manage recovery? will it put future pregnancies in jeopardy?

Either way, that is my only real concern. Then I’ve had on and off thoughts that it’s our last days of being “just the two of us” and maybe I’m not taking advantage of them to the fullest. But mostly, I’m ready.

I want to meet him, and see what he looks like, and what temperament he has, and when his birthday will be! And so, I’d really like labor to start- now!  

Reading While Waiting – Pregnancy Fiction

I’m a little lazy to write reviews for these, but I will say this: all are easy, breezy chick lit that have to do with pregnancy and I liked them all. The first one is the best, IMHO.

Becoming a Crunchy Mama

I only heard of this term, “crunchy”, online, but I guess I am destined to become crunchy mama. I’d like to think of it as an endearing term for a conscientious, environmentally/nutritionally-aware and involved mom.

I’m not in denial of its snarky nature, but I just don’t see it that way, so it doesn’t bother me. I also don’t care to impose my ideals on others, and don’t mind that we are the only ones of our friends that live this “type” of lifestyle, if you can call it that; to each his own.

Being “green” in Mexico is hard; it’s still a developing country after all. When I bring re-useable bags to the grocery store, the bag-person always looks at me as if I’m a weirdo.

Even after a year and a half here, my heart hurts a little every time I have to put a can or bottle in the trash. So I know I’m going to be quite the stand-out when it comes to decision I make for Baby Boy.  

Being “Crunchy” in Mexico

The middle to upper classes in many cases don’t do things like breastfeeding or vaginally delivering children (because they can afford formula and a good hospital that will schedule a c-section). They don’t carry their children in slings because that’s only for the poor that can’t afford a stroller. And they definitely don’t use cloth diapers! That is so 30 years ago.  

I’m pretty lucky that my friends here already called me out long ago. They already know that when they need healthy, mostly veggie recipes I’m the source. Not one was surprised that I wanted to cloth diaper. And I’ve gotten nothing but support in terms of wanting Baby Boy to live in our room and have limited plastic junk around.

But that’s the exception. I’m already thinking that just dealing with the hospital here will be an uphill battle, but that’s another post for another day.    

Breastfeeding Made Simple Book Review

I do have one actual book review for today, and that’s to prepare for breastfeeding, because of everything I just wrote above. Breastfeeding Made Simple is excellent book!

Quite obviously the writers have an agenda: for you to breastfeed as long as possible. That’s something you have to put up with throughout the book.

That said, it is extremely detailed, shows specific techniques and is very informative on all aspects of nursing. In particular, I appreciated the citations of scholarly research. Now, the litmus test will be if it’s actually helpful. Only time will tell.  

How are you feeling at 38 weeks? Ready to be done with pregnancy? Ready to meet your baby?

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