Random: Sharing is Caring

Usually random posts pop up when I have lots of stuff going on and not a lot of blogging time, or when I don’t have much to say. But I have plenty to say for the next couple of weeks, and I’m finishing up a couple of longer posts. Nevertheless, there are a few things I wanted to share in case they may help someone out there.

1. Starting in July, Amazon purchases shipped to Texas will be charged sales tax. That’s an extra 8.5% and makes me very unhappy. Combine that with the fact that I just got booted off of Prime and Amazon is looking a lot less attractive (which is too bad because it was definitely my go-to for baby related purchases). This means that I’m trying to do all of my shopping for the next 6 months or so right now. Bringing me to my next point:

2. Old news, but if you’re not using Camel Camel Camel you’re missing out! It is super easy to set up price watches with this site and it’s what I’m using right now to finish up my shopping. But also…

3. My other go-to website is Babycheapskate.com. It is an excellent source for finding good deals on main-stream brands. I love that she also highlights good products that

4. In other news, Baby Boy is quickly approaching his first birthday. I have started trying out eggless cake recipes so that he can have his first piece of cake on the big day. So far a chocolate cake was just ok, but I found this vanilla cake recipe and it is fabulous! I think I’m going to add it to my baking notebook regardless of whether I make it for Baby Boy’s birthday or not- it is just that good!

5. In other birthday discussions (we’ve segued into non-useful randomness), we are brainstorming a theme. Hubby suggested “bees” because the kiddo is obsessed with the bzzz sound, but I think that’s sort of girly. We’re debating between animal/jungle theme, and Mexican/fiesta theme since he is our Mexican boy! I think the former is winning out but I need to scour the interwebz for some inspiration before I commit.

6. One more not-useful nugget: Baby Boy is living up to his middle name: Damage. He broke his first item (the top of our water jug), almost broke his first electronic (our iHome), has figured out how to flush the toilet and open bathroom cabinets (hello baby-proofing). The kiddo is also threatening to jump off the bed/couch pretty much every day (hello mommy heart attack).

that grin…will get him far in this world…
(and forgiven by Mommy and Daddy)

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