Quick trip: Houston

If you’re taking a quick trip to Houston with two toddlers, then there’s one place you should check out. Whether you are coming for business, pleasure or a family visit, take a morning to do something fun with your toddlers in Houston.

Here’s the update on how it was flying with two toddlers, and the best Houston attraction to visit with toddlers.

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Flying Solo with Two Toddlers

For a hot second I made it Stateside with the kiddos. It was my first flight alone with both of them.

The flight was about as much of a nightmare as I expected it to be, helped by delay after delay (thank you United #nothankyou).

There was a lot of nap-skipping, needing to go to the bathroom on the plane multiple times, waiting for.ev.er. in immigration…ah well.

We survived. (And since then I’ve become a pro at traveling solo with multiple kids).

A Short Trip to Houston with Toddlers

The visit to Houston itself was short but sweet. We did a few errands, saw some friends, and mostly spent time with family. Little N in particular just loved it: the attention, the change of scenery.  

There are plenty of things to do with kids in Houston, but for this trip we kept it low key and only made it to one attraction.

Children’s Museum Houston

One day we made it to the Children’s Museum Houston: amazing. Both boys had so much to look at and play with and there were plenty of kids; it was nice.  

The Children’s Museum is right in the Houston Museum district, and it was very easy to get there. On a weekday morning we had no trouble finding street parking.

Inside the museum, there were a lot of pretend play exhibits. However the highlight for the toddler set is in the Tot Spot, on the second floor. There everything is low to the ground and perfect for their age and ability. It’s like a giant play room!

The flight back was equally bad, although we got back much earlier so there was still time for a short nap on the drive home. All in all, it was great!

Have you been to a Children’s Museum Houston with your little one? What was their favorite part?

Start planning your trip to Houston!


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