Puerto Varas and Ensenada Tips

The main hub from which to tour the towns around Lake Llanquihue.

In Town:
The Architecture Tour– see some old dilapidated houses (from the outside)
Cerro Phillipi– for a view of the town and lake from above

Volcan Calbuco– explore the country road to get here. The entrance is via a private property so you will need a little luck to actually get to the mountain.

Llanquihue– another small town on the lake, not much there.

Frutillar– this is a really nice town, (consider staying there) tips coming in the next post.

Dane’s– excellent empanadas, always a line out the door. Del Salvador 441, Tel. 232371

The town closest to Volcan Osorno and Petrohue.
*Note that there isn’t much in town, so if you’re going to be cooking in your cabin, you might want to bring provision from Puerto Varas.

*All of these are part of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

Volcan Osorno
– drive up to the top for views of the lake and surrounding area. There are also several hiking trails on the way.

Saltos de Petrohue– not to miss, beautiful waterfalls with volcano in the background; there are a few hiking trails within the park as well.

Lago Todos Los Santos– this beautiful emerald colored lake is a must-see! You can take a day tour to visit from Puerto Varas or drive yourself to Petrohue and take a boat tour from there.
Boat tour to Peulla and back 22000 CLP/person; bring lunch. Note: you will have a few hours in Peulla while waiting for people coming from Argentinian side.

Peulla– once on the other side of the lake in Peulla there are a few small trails to explore: a small cemetary, Saltos Velo de la Novia, plus longer trails if you stay overnight.

*It is also possible to cross to Argentina (towards Bariloche) via the Lakes/Buses combo tour. Tour begins in Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas. www.cruceandino.com

Cabanas Brisas del Lago– extremely clean lakeside cabins, located right in front of Volcan Osorno. www.brisasdellago.cl

Puerto Varas

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