Puerto Natales

The return from Argentina made for another long day. The route from El Calafate to Puerto Natales is quite a bit longer than it could be- taking us east then south then back west. Despite a half-full bus and relatively quick drive, the elevation changes, lack of good rest stop, and accumulated tiredness from the trip was starting to take its toll. Nevertheless, we wanted to take advantage of one final day in Natales. We took ourselves on a little walking tour, down to the waterfront and around town. We had to find a couple lucky backpackers to take our leftover gas balloons, and we came across some good local ice cream. (Seemingly, the good karma took away D’s curse- another post on that forthcoming). The remainder of our time we left for a bit of souvenier shopping and a thorough re-packing of our bags for the flight back to 21st century civilization the following day.

Puerto Natales waterfront

Puerto Natales from above

glaciers, view from plane

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