Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine Tips

The town serves as a hub for preparing to trek the Torres del Paine. You can get everything you need here, but the prices are not cheap. Try to bring most gear from a bigger city.

Hostal de los Castillos– Pretty good but some rooms are nicer than others. Tel. (56-61) 413641

*There are lots of hotels/hostels but they book up really fast so try to make a reservation ahead of time.

Masay– great sandwiches (skip the pizza), located at Manuel Bulnes 427.

Flights– limited direct service run by Sky Airlines.

Buses Gomez– to get to Torres del Paine, depart at 7:00 and 14:30, book in town and they will pick you up at your accommodation, www.busesgomez.com

Buses Zaahj– to get to El Calafate, Argentina, www.turismozaahj.co.cl
Definitely book buses to Argentina ahead of time, they fill up, and seats are numbered.


There are a number of ways to see the park:
*all-inclusive hotel vacations with day trips
*trekking the W (can camp or stay in lodges) appx. 5 days
*trekking the Circuit (must camp) appx. 10 days.

Plan your route by checking out the following map:

Lodges (refugios)– are run by two companies and should be booked ahead of time during high season:
Fantastico Sur– http://www.fslodges.com/en.html
Vertices– http://www.verticepatagonia.cl/

Park entrance fee– 15000 CLP/foreigner, discount for Chileans.

Torres del Paine 1
Torres del Paine 2
Torres del Paine 3
Torres del Paine 4
Torres del Paine 5
Puerto Natales

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