Pokhara Tips

World Peace Pagoda: possible to take a boat across lake from pokhara and then it is a 20 minute hike to the top.

**around lake you can: rent boats, bikes, paraglide, not swim.

**whatever you do don’t stay at the Octagon. the guy is a wacko.

Crown Hotel: 300 Rs; if you stay longer you can get a discount; double room with bathroom and HOT shower; some rooms with TV’s. they float around.

all the restaurants serve western and local food, all are generally good; the places in lakeside north are cheaper.

Newari Kitchen: higher-end restaurant with unique dishes; worth a try. we had Musya (spice roasted soybean); Alu Tusi Achaar (potato cucumber salad); Badan Walau (spiced peanuts) ; Chhway la (Buff in mustard oil)

Be Happy: best place for breakfast and good lasagna; have a feast, try it all.

Sweet Memories: basically the same as above, nice family owns it. good lassi there.

Cafe Sheinken: best sandwich place ( tuna/chocolate/etc.) cheap and delicious.

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