New York City with Kids : Times Square Flagship Stores

Coming to New York City for the first time? Then Times Square is most definitely on your must see list in NYC! But visiting Times Square with kids is not always easy. Here are tips to visiting NYC with little kids, in particular Times Square mayhem!

During our first year in the New York City metropolitan area, the boys were 2 and 3 years old, and mostly home. We did a lot of Pinterest activities and spent as much time as we could in little parks. But just about every week, we would trek into Manhattan, to visit one of the destinations on our NYC bucket list. 

Visiting Times Square with Little Kids

If there is only one thing you need to know about visiting Times Square with kids- this is it. The morning is your friend. Check when those flagship stores that you want to visit open and get there straight away. Around 10 a.m. seems to be a sweet spot: locals are already at work, and not yet on lunch break. Tourists (without small children) are still lazing around their hotel breakfast after staying out late at night.

Flagship Stores with Little Kids

When I found out that the Toys R Us flagship store had an indoor Ferris wheel, I knew the kids would love it. Then, when I found out that the flagship would be closing, I knew we needed the visit as soon as possible!

We made the journey to Times Square during the generally least busy time of the day: mid-morning. When we entered Toys R Us, the boys were wide-eyed. So. Many. Toys. So much to look at. Many toys were open for playing and they definitely took advantage of that. 

Then, we headed to the lower level to get in line for the Ferris wheel. The wait in line was a little rough, but the smiles when we finally got on were definitely worth it! They had the best time!

We made a short stop in M&M world, mostly to look around and take advantage of the fact that we were already in Times Square.

It was busy and loud but the kids loved it! They still talk about what a great experience this was and want to go back! Maybe we will… another day we feel ready to brave the crowds.

Getting to Times Square:

Subway to Times Square N/Q/R/W/1/2/3/7

M&M World

Have you been to Times Square with kids? What’s your favorite part Or do you usually avoid it at all costs like we do?